Other Inquiries About Renting with Conrex


Applications and Leasing

Upon receiving approval on an application for a home, a Conrex representative will reach out to you in order to begin the lease signing process. For any inquiries about this, see our Property Management page to find your local office and call the 'Leasing' number to speak to someone who can answer and questions you may have. 


Renewing your Conrex Lease

Do you have questions about renewing your lease after a previous one is near ending? Contact renewals@con-rex.com to let us know you're interested in living in your home for another term.


Rent Payments and Billing

Inquiries regarding paying rent, balances, or other billing questions and concerns can be sent to rent@con-rex.com.


Security deposit returns

Inquiries regarding security deposits and returns should be sent to securitydeposits@con-rex.com.


Complaints and Concerns about your Conrex Experience

For general questions and concerns about your Conrex experience, please find your local Property Management page and contact your local office.