At Conrex we realize that “Life Happens” and things occasionally get broken at our properties. However, when residents are responsible for damages, we have an established process for charging for repairs at a fair and reasonable rate. We will always do our best to fix the damage in a timely manner by one of our Conrex Maintenance Technicians or an authorized contractor. When the damage is caused by the resident the following policy applies:

  • Maintenance Work Orders Chargeback

    • If damage is deemed to be caused by a resident and a Conrex employee responds to service the request then the resident will be charged $100 for the first hour. This allows us to deploy a truck to the residence and covers the first hour on site.

    • Each additional hour of service will be billed at a rate of $50 per hour (billed in 1/2 hour increments) plus any materials purchased.

    • If a contractor responds to a maintenance request the resident will be responsible for paying the contractor’s invoice plus any time taken with a Conrex Maintenance Technician.

  • Residents may be charged $75 for missed maintenance appointments.

Maintenance Request Form

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