Home or Apartment?

So, you’ve decided you’re going to rent your next living space. One of the first decisions you have to make is choosing a home versus an apartment. Each option has its pros and cons, but traditionally the differences between the two living spaces are amenities provided and the way maintenance is handled.

Home or Apartment?


An apartment will generally provide some type of shared pool or fitness center, an office for package reception, communal grills and outside spaces, and sometimes free Wi-Fi or coffee in the lobby. The notion of having a pool without maintaining it, accessing a gym without paying for a membership, or having someone else trim the hedges around the building is definitely alluring. Every coin has two sides, however. The quality of the communal spaces in apartment complexes is completely dependent on the quality of your neighbors and the competency of the apartment's property management staff. For some, it is harder to relax by the pool when seven of the neighbors bring their young children to cannonball next to your lounge chair.  Others may find it irritating that the hired lawn service drives the lawnmower right by their window at 8:30 AM on a Saturday morning.

Homes provide a different experience. Although there are some benefits you get by sharing with others but in privacy and living in a space that is truly your own. Parking right in front of your residence, a yard with space for children and animals to play, and freedom from the noises of your neighbors. In general, homes are typically bigger, the experience of living in a house is more private, and the quality of the rental experience is less dependent on others. There is more responsibility in maintaining the quality of a home, but many people feel that is more than worth having a place that they don’t have to share with others.


Home or Apartment Maintenance

The classic argument for living in an apartment versus a home is that maintenance requests are handled more swiftly and professionally. Apartments generally have a maintenance staff or contract someone to handle issues that arise in a tenant's living space. Homes are different in that it isn't uncommon for someone to rent a house from a landlord who would rather come and halfway fix a maintenance-related issue themselves than pay someone to resolve an issue correctly.

This is where single-family maintenance firms prove to be the right choice. At Conrex, we run a maintenance staff of professionals to care for our properties in every region we operate in to address requests quickly, rather than hiring someone to fix issues on an as-needed basis. Additionally, Conrex has renovation standards across all properties that cover features like flooring, appliances, and light fixtures. If you have always wanted to live in a home but have had reservations about how well maintenance requests would be addressed, renting from a reputable property management firm like Conrex is your best choice.