Fall Gardening Tips

Fertilize Your Trees, Shrubs and Grass

Trees and shrubs can be fertilized, and have an easy and affordable option in the form of plant food spikes that simply need to be placed into the ground as close to central root mass as possible. Grass is also easy to look after. Spread out some winterizer, and when everything begins to thaw your lawn will have all the added boost of nutrients it needs to take off in the spring. If you want beautiful blooming bulbs when the weather begins to warm, refresh them with some blood meal.

Plant Your Trees

This is also the perfect time of the year to plant trees. Fruit trees, flowering trees, and accent trees like poplars or maples all fair the best when planted in the fall. If planting fruit trees, remember you will need to plant in pairs so that fruit gets fertilized. There are wonderful resources on the Internet suggesting how to pair pears, peaches, and everything else you could imagine to get delicious tasting fruit. When planting trees, always prepare a hole big enough and deep enough to bury the root ball and hold an adequate amount of top soil and fertilizer to encourage root growth. Keep in mind, a root system will grow twice as large as the foliage, so a tree needs to be planted adequately far away from the foundation and septic or sewer systems.

Prune Your Garden and Trees

November through January is the ideal time to prune. In deciduous trees, when the branches are bare, you can take them off without hurting the tree. Remember when pruning flowering bushes to clip growth that will inhibit other growth. That means if you have two Y-shaped branches that cross, only one can remain and thrive. Selecting which branch you want to keep takes some artistic skill. Pay attention to shape, and remember that the shape you end up with will continue to expand and therefore isn't entirely permanent. Just remember, if you make a mistake it’ll grow back.

Plant Some Winter Bloom Flowers

Fall Gardening Tips

If long term improvements don't give you the instant gratification that a nice pop of color does, it's a great time of year to plant some winter blooms. Pansies and violets will grow in the cold, and camellias can bring beautiful blossoms throughout the cold months if you're looking for something larger. These will require the same regular watering as summertime bloomers, and additionally really need to be mulched down for protection from the cold and moisture retention. Fresh mulch, white and purple blossoms, and camellias will keep your curb appeal up while the efforts from your green thumb are slowly working their magic underground!

Gardening in the fall is essential to prepare for the upcoming winter. We hope these fall gardening tips will help your garden look more beautiful than ever come springtime. Explore the rest of our site to learn more about Conrex Property Management and view rental homes near you.