What We Are:

Connorex-Lucinda (“Conrex”) was founded in 2011 with the goal of creating a systematic way to take advantage of what appeared to be an exceptional macro opportunity in US single family housing. The history of the firm has been one of continued improvement in this systematic approach, using internally developed software with human expertise in the most optimal combinations.

As a leader in the Single Family Rental (SFR) Aggregation space, Conrex is:

  • Helping American families afford quality homes

  • Fastest growing private SFR aggregator in the Southeast and Midwest

  • Thought-leader in SFR institutionalization

Conrex sources and purchases homes in the fastest-growing metro areas of the Southeast and Midwest, where there is an undersupply of affordable housing, and converts them into rental homes. Conrex undertakes a renovation of the home using standardized materials and processes, and rents the home typically within 3-4 months after acquisition date. Once the homes are stabilized the rents provide a steady yield for investors.

With over 8,000 homes purchased and growing, we provide families with affordable industry-leading homes of the highest quality and investors with industry-leading yields and potential capital gains.

Who We Are:

Conrex is comprised of hard-working personnel who have a heightened interest in real estate and its operations. Our team members have extensive backgrounds in real estate, renovations, systems development, and mortgage financial markets.

Conrex management and staff are driven toward a common goal and this passion manifests in the efficient execution of the Conrex process. Everyone shares the excitement of the SFR opportunity, and are willing to do what is needed to sustain the positive momentum of the business. Teamwork is paramount, and the Conrex culture favors employees who are willing to roll up their sleeves and collaborate, strategize, and solve issues that crop up with energy, enthusiasm and professionalism. The goal, to create a profitable supply of affordable homes in areas where they are in great shortage, is an underlying driver of our culture.

Read more about our leadership on the Executive Team page.

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